Functions as a laboratory to perform surveillance and disease monitoring:

  • Provide laboratory services to assist in the investigations and control during an outbreak of disease.
  • Provide laboratory services for surveillance and monitoring of all Public Health-related diseases.
  • Provide laboratory services for the food surveillance activities and enforcement of the Food Safety Act.
  • Provide training and human resource development in the field of Epidemiology,Food Quality Control and Disease Control on health care.
  • Assist in research activities under the Public Health Programme by providing laboratory diagnosis.
  • Processing of laboratory work for screening and disease surveillance programs and food quality control.
  • Provide support services for the diagnosis of disease outbreak investigation.
  • Provide supervision and control laboratory for all diseases related to public health and law enforcement for the safety of laboratory.
  • Supporting human resource development and training in epidemiology of infectious diseases.
  • To build a network of information sharing with the public health laboratory internationally,World Health Organization(WHO) and other related agencies.


1.0 Scope of Services

The laboratory provides a service commensurate with outbreaks investigation,disease surveillance and food safety . MKAK provides the following laboratory investigation:

Division of Microbiology Division of Food
Bacteriology Food and Water Biology
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Pesticides Residues
Mycobacterium leprae Drug Residues
Parasite Additive and Nutritional Labelling
Malaria Mycotoxin and Natural Toxin
Viruses GMO & Food Speciation
Clinical Chemistry Natural and Environmental Pollutant
Tar and Nicotine  

2.0 Service Hours

2.1 Normal Service Hours Our normal service hours start at 7.30am to 5.30pm from Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.All samples/specimens should be sent and received by MKAK during the normal service hours except for outbreak samples/specimens.

2.2 Outbreak Service Hours Our labs provides 24 hour service only for outbreak samples.Please visit MKAK web site for the current on-call personnel in charge.Customers should inform the on-call personnel prior sending the samples/specimens.

3.0 Test Requests

3.1 Request Form
a. A standard laboratory form should be used for all categories of tests,except otherwise stated.

b. All the information in the request form shall be completely filled and approved by authorized personnel to ensure comprehensive epidemiological analysis and report.

c. Outbreak samples/specimens should be indicated in the request form and accompanied by preliminary outbreak report.

d. Request form of Borang A for food analysis can be referred in Food act 1983.

3.2 Specimens/Samples
a. All samples/specimens should be collected by using an appropriate container as specified.

b. All samples/specimens should be accompanied by completely filled request forms.Please ensure both items are in good conditions upon reaching MKAK.

c. All request forms should be put separately from the samples/specimens container bag.

d. Urgent request must be supported by clinical history,diagnosis and/or reasons for the urgency.The word URGENT must be written/stamped in red.

e. Outbreak samples/specimens will be processed as urgent samples.

f. Proper collection and transportation os samples/specimens shall be strictly followed as described in following section.The protocol for sample collection for food samples can be referred to Food Act 1983 dan Food Regulation 1985.