The Management Division is an important support to the main function of MKAK. This Division is responsible for planning, supplying, implementing and improving support services that include functions which includes Personnel, Administrative and Asset Management functions as well as Procurement and Finance. This division plays an important role for the survival of the main functions of the laboratory so that the policies and goals of health can be achieved and implemented efficiently and effectively in line with the latest technological developments.

Under the Management Division, there are three (3) main sections which are:-                      
Administration Section
MKAK Administration Section manages general administration, Department vehicles and Positions, Security, Cleaning, Library and also Official Councils of the Department.

Human Resources & Training Section
The Human Resource Management Unit is responsible for all services for 266 members of the National Public Health Laboratory, comprising various categories as formulated on the table below:-

1 Top Management 2 2 0
2 Management and Professional 91 73 18
3 Paramedic & Auksiliari 140 133 70
4 Support and Executor 33 27 6
5 Personel My Step - 17 16

Personnel management
The main activity of this unit is to provide efficient and effective personnel management services. Among the services provided are all matters of appointment, confirmation of appointment and promotion , retirement, record keeping of personnel services and others. Another function of personal management is the Human Resource Development Panel which convenes regularly for the discuss various service issues such as annual salary movement and selection of Distinguished Service Award recipients, suggest candidates for Distinguished Service Medals and Awards State and Federal Level Medals to the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
Training Management
The Training Unit is an important unit in all matters to enhance human capital competency can be achieved in line with the government's training policy so that all staff need to undergo training at least 7 days a year.

Finance Section
MKAK Finance Section is responsible for managing financial management related to MKAK Staff including salary payments, allowances, rewards and bonuses, billing processing and claims payments < 14 days under managing expenses, existing policies, new policies, development and assets.