Terms : 

• The application must be accompanied by the documents as listed in the Annex 2 ( Muat Turun> Borang dan Dokumen > Lain-lain Perkara).
• You will be informed on the status of application within 7 working days. If accepted, payment slip with particular details i.e charging price and quantity of IVD Test/Assay required will be notified according to type of test.
• An official invoice will be issued by Finance Section, NPHL.
• Submission of IVD Test/ Assay and payment for evaluation must be completed within 14 days after the official invoice is issued. FAILURE to do so, will lead to CANCELLATION of the request.
• All payments made are NON-REFUNDABLE & balance of IVD Test/Assay if any, SHALL NOT BE RETURNED.
• IVD Test/Assay Evaluation Report shall be issued within 3 months of complete payment and IVD Test/Assay received.
• The evaluation report for MDA purpose will be submitted to MDA. Any other evaluation report will be issued directly to respective applicants/stakeholders.

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